A Quick Update

Wheel full 70px Hey, sorry once again for the lack of blog entries. Their absence, though, means nothing. The ride is going great! Gary Schmidt and I are currently in Grand Tower, Illinois and we are right on schedule, about 1,250 miles/2,000 kilometers into the ride. And I have taken tons of photos and made many notes along the way, but find that it is simply impossible to post to WordPress efficiently from an iPhone. So this blog will have to wait until I make it back to Alaska towards the end of October.

Wheel full 70px In the meantime, we continue to post some pictures and occasionally a short narrative of the day on the public Facebook group Mississippi River Ride. It’s open to all and we check it every day for “join” requests. Thanks for following along.


Hey, Hello!

Wheel full 70pxGary Schmidt and I have been on the road for about two and a half weeks as this is written.  I have found it almost impossible to post updates here at the blog from my iPhone- it does not seem to like WordPress very much, and dodgy wi-fi really complicates things.  Never fear, though, I’m keeping lots of notes and will catch things up both here and in my crazyguyonabike journal.

Wheel full 70pxIn the meantime, though, for more or less daily updates you are welcome to join the public Facebook group we’ve created

Mississippi River Ride

Wheel full 70pxPictures we’ve taken will be posted there as we go along, and I’m adding narrative as time and connectivity permit.

Wheel full 70pxThanks for following along!