Hello… hello…?

I just responded as follows to a friend who asked on Facebook about my blog:

Yes, absolutely [I’m intending to do the blog]. The lack of cell service/wi-fi at overnight stops has hugely impacted my plans to do daily updates. I am pretty much unable, even when I am connected, to upload any photos into WordPress, which apparently does that at full resolution. This is due mainly to marginal signal strength, I think. The motel wi-fi in Boulder, Montana the last two nights, for example, took about 30 minutes to get five heavily compressed photos into Facebook. So I’m looking at some workarounds, and thinking that the situation will improve in the eastern half of the country.

Thanks for everyone’s patience in that regard. Look for further word posted from Helena, Montana in a few days.

3 thoughts on “Hello… hello…?

  1. Hi, David! So nice to talk with you, and Micah, in Three Forks, this morning. I will anticipate watching as you progress. Safe pedaling!


  2. Just checking to see how you’re doing, haven’t heard from you since I got back from skagway.Hope you are on track and looking forward to seeing you in September.


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