Weigh-in #19 – In the 280s

Wheel full 70px In the last Monday weigh-in I’ll do during my trip all I could think about was, “What in God’s name am I going to do to keep from gaining back what I’ve had a once in a lifetime opportunity to lose?”


Wheel full 70px I never, ever want to weigh more than 300 pounds/~120 kilograms again.  Again, no fat shaming intended, but I am ashamed of myself for acting for so many years like there was nothing I could do about weighing more than than and, at times, close to 400 pounds/~180 kg.  Being overweight was a good indication of disarray and dysfunction in my life, and poor choices.

Wheel full 70px So I’m at my next “I can do this” moment.  Because if I can ride a bicycle 3,500+ miles from Nova Scotia to Florida, I can maintain my weight at a healthy (or at least far healthier than it had been) level.

5 thoughts on “Weigh-in #19 – In the 280s

  1. A big downside of the industrial revolution and the subsequent computer revolution is that sitting at a desk job all day is not how we evolved. (“Office Space” jokes now…) The industrial/computer revolution also freed up lots of time for people to sit around on their duff and watch tv and eat pizza. Somehow, a person needs to get back to their evolutionary roots – lots of physical activity as a necessity of living, as a necessity of staying alive. We’ve lived our lives with a modern-society line of thinking that we have to get the best job we can to make the most money we can, and in doing so we might actually just be making ourselves miserable. I certainly don’t have any big answers, but I do know that when I took up bicycling again, 25 years after kid-hood, I became happier and healthier and subsequently became more successful at work and at life in general. There certainly must be other physical activities besides bicycling that also can fill that roll, but I’m having too much fun bicycling to find out what they are. When you’re cruising down that unfamiliar road at 14 miles an hour, you’re feeling alive, both mentally and physically.

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  2. Excellent job, looks like you should end up around 285 on the 10th. So far you are averaging slightly over 3.6 lbs per week. Unless you plan on riding 5 hours per day, or equivalent exercise, once home I would set a new weight goal say a modest 1 lb per week, let the MyFitnessPal give you a cal goal and try that level for a month, if the weight loss is not about 1 lb per week, raise or lower the cals over time until it is. This will get you in the habit of eating moderately, which is the key to long term weight maintenance.

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