Weigh-in #19 and 3/7 – And the answer is…


Wheel full 70px I took a couple of days off from blogging after reaching Key West, so we’ll resume by my keeping not one but two promises.  I said here [linkie] that I would do one final trip weigh-in on the 10th in KW to give me a close the record number.  I did that, stopping at a handy Publix on the way back to the hotel from Mallory Square.  Ready?


I missed catching my feet, but you can see their reflection on the scale, to include the hole my right foot big toe wore in my bike sock.

Wheel full 70px Two eighty-five (~129 kilograms) on the nose!  As my first official weight of this whole undertaking, noted here [linkie], was 367 pounds and change/166 kg, I have lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 pounds/~37 kg over the past four months.  Now, I’ve learned that scales along the trip have not been exactly measuring atomic weight to six digits after the decimal point, but hey, I’ll take “the mid-280s” as a solid start point from which to defend The Battle of the Bulge.  Maybe I can even stay on the offensive.  Stranger things- anyone up for a 3,500 mile/5,600 kilometer bike ride?- have been known to happen.  Oh, and I think my friend Fred won the “Guess My End Weight” contest.

Wheel full 70px The second promise is a little harder to keep.  OK, OK, it’s a lot harder to keep.  But I said I’d do it here, so here goes.

Wheel full 70px You’ll remember that this trip was originally going to start in Jacksonville, Florida.  On the first day just before leaving I walked myself into a bathroom and took a selfie of my stomach flab.  I cautioned folks then that it wasn’t pretty.  I said that I would take a comparable pic at the end of the ride, and we’d see what happened [linkie].  Once again, you’ve been warned.


Wheel full 70px So, for the not-faint-of-heart, here’s what my abdominal area looked like in late July

before [linkie]

and what the same area looks like now

after [linkie].

Wheel full 70px Belly fat is not pretty.  I don’t know if what mine looks like will ever improve beyond this point, or if I’m just condemned to look like Jabba the Hutt’s third cousin down there for the rest of my life.  But my waist size in pants has gone from 56″/142 cm to 46″/117 cm.


Wheel full 70px I’ll take that.

Weigh-in #19 – In the 280s

Wheel full 70px In the last Monday weigh-in I’ll do during my trip all I could think about was, “What in God’s name am I going to do to keep from gaining back what I’ve had a once in a lifetime opportunity to lose?”


Wheel full 70px I never, ever want to weigh more than 300 pounds/~120 kilograms again.  Again, no fat shaming intended, but I am ashamed of myself for acting for so many years like there was nothing I could do about weighing more than than and, at times, close to 400 pounds/~180 kg.  Being overweight was a good indication of disarray and dysfunction in my life, and poor choices.

Wheel full 70px So I’m at my next “I can do this” moment.  Because if I can ride a bicycle 3,500+ miles from Nova Scotia to Florida, I can maintain my weight at a healthy (or at least far healthier than it had been) level.

Weigh-in #18 – Back on the righteous path

Wheel full 70px Being below 300 pounds/~136 kg I can weigh myself on the “guess your weight” style scale that Publix, a southeastern US grocery chain, kindly places out in its entrance lobbies.


Wheel full 70px So I’m back to where I was two weeks ago, but this result is much more in line with the glide path I’ve been on over the past few months- an average of 4-5 pounds/~2 kg lost every week.  That’ll put me solidly in the 280s as I wrap up my ride, which is probably about what I weighed 20 years ago.

Wheel full 70px Hey!  It’s a start.

Weigh-in #17 – Up a couple of pounds

Wheel full 70px My internet connectivity at my nightly stops when camping is on and off.  The last couple of nights have been the “off” end of the equation. But I did weigh in on Monday while I was in Myrtle Beach and found that, while the scale measured a few pounds more than the previous week, I was still solidly in the 290s. My feeling is that last week’s weight, while a wondrous thing to behold, might have been helped a bit by a not very accurately zeroed scale.


Wheel full 70px There’s two weigh-ins left before I get to Key West.  I’ll also do a final “close the record” from there even though it will be a Thursday.  Any predictions as to what my weight will be on November 10th?  I’ll go out on a limb and say 283.8 pounds/128.7 kilograms.

Wheel full 70px We’ll see.

Weigh-in #16 – I don’t weigh 300+ pounds any more

Wheel full 70px When I started preparing for this trip in June in earnest I was referred by my dietitian to a local place where, for $30, you can be weighed on a scale that calculates body mass index and other information that provides better insight into weight issues than does the old scale at home.

Wheel full 70px It was the first weight info about myself that I posted in this blog.  On June 24th of this year it says I weighed 367.3 pounds/167 kg.  As far as the rest of the report goes, I could have saved the thirty bucks.  What that piece of paper told me was that I was fat.  The same thing my pants told me.  And my belt.  And my lungs.  And my knees and feet.  You get the picture.

Wheel full 70px Fast forward almost four months and, most important, through 2,400 miles/3,840 kilometers ridden on a bicycle over 60 days.  I told you I would weigh myself every Monday and post the results whatever they were.  Oh sure, I snuck a few Tuesdays in there- two, I think.   And I didn’t always lose weight.  A couple of times I went up from the week before or stayed the same.  But mostly the pounds came off.

Wheel full 70px Today’s weigh-in practically left me in tears.


Wheel full 70px I have lost since June 24th 75.9 pounds/34.5 kilograms.  No fat shaming here, though.  At 291.4 pounds/132.5 kg I’m still fat.  Probably per the criteria I’m still morbidly obese.  But I have lost a hell of a lot of weight over a relatively brief time sticking to advice I ignored for far too long.

Wheel full 70px “Diet and exercise.”  No simple little tricks.  No gimmicks.  No personal trainer.  No gym membership.  No surgery.  Just diet and exercise.

Wheel full 70px And if I can do it, anyone can. Now, back to my ride, which is in progress.

Weigh-in #15 – Holding Steady

Wheel full 70px In all the mileage accrued over the past few days, I missed posting the result of Monday’s weigh-in.  It was done on yet another beam scale, so it’s a two-parter.



Wheel full 70px This is down half a pound from last week to 306 pounds/139 kg.  Not dramatic news, but I’ve learned by this point that the overall trend line over the past 30 days is probably a more accurate predictor of actual weight than any individual scale result.  That still points to around 300 pounds/135 kg and below over the next couple of weeks, and I’m happy with that.

Wheel full 70px And that, too.


Weigh-in #14 – !!!

Wheel full 70px I stopped in the Newport, Rhode Island VA Clinic this morning and asked to be weighed.


…wait for it… …wait… …wait…


Wheel full 70px Sorry about the two part photos, but I have not yet figured out how to get a good single shot with my iPhone on one of these beam scales.  The slightest jiggle and you are back at square one.

Wheel full 70px Oh, and did you notice I weigh three hundred AND SIX AND ONE-HALF POUNDS?  I practically needed assistance getting off the scale after seeing that.

Wheel full 70px Diet and exercise, David.  Diet and exercise.

Weigh-in #13 – Can’t win ’em all

Wheel full 70px So yesterday was Monday and, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know what that means.


Wheel full 70px That says, for the hard of seeing, 318.4 pounds.  That’s up from 314.8 pounds last week, a gain of 3.6 pounds.

Wheel full 70px I noted the one other time that my weight did not decrease from Monday to Monday that I refuse to freak out over an occasional bump in the road, and especially a bump that can be accounted for by so many possible things.  I will say that I am pleased that my weight remains by all indications in the three-teens where it has been for three weigh-ins in a row.  So we’ll see where I’m at next week.  I still firmly believe I’m headed into two-nineties, and the only question is when I’ll get there.

Weigh-in #12 – Pictures speak louder than words


Wheel full 70px It’s a Tuesday Monday again, sorry.  In the rain and fog that descended late yesterday afternoon I didn’t quite make it in to the Waldo County Hospital in Belfast, Maine, where I had planned to weigh myself for the 12th time this trip.

Wheel full 70px But I made it this morning, gave my little spiel to the nice ER triage lady, and before you could say Obamacare I was on a scale.  Goggling at the result.  Gawping even.

Wheel full 70px Holy Mackerel, mama!  That’s down five pounds/2.25 kg from last week and so far into uncharted territory for me that… Well, I just have no idea.  “Diet and exercise, David.  Diet and exercise.”  All my docs and my dietitian told me that over and over for the past 15 years.  Why should I be surprised when the answer turns out to be- diet and exercise.


Wheel full 70px I am stoked!  Three hundred plus pound me, prepare to say goodbye.  Forever.

Weigh-in #11 – Whoa, Bay-bay!

Wheel full 70px Bet you all forgot that it was Monday, right?

Wheel full 70px Let’s start again…gee, it doesn’t seem that long since the last time I weighed myself, does it?

Wheel full 70px I only lost 1.2 pounds, according to the scale at the clinic I stopped at just outside Acadia National Park.  But they were very important nonetheless, as…


…I’m into the three-teens!  I really feel, for the first time, that somewhere in the high 200s is a very realistic goal to finish this trip up weighing.  That was my weight in the late 1990s.  I never thought I’d see it again.

Wheel full 70px I want to reinforce that I’m not trying to do anything more sophisticated than to stay each day below 2,200 calories plus whatever RidewithGPS says my bike ride burned.


Wheel full 70px Today that number was 2,828, so my calorie budget is a little over 5,000 total. I’m going to tell you that I won’t be able to eat enough today to get anywhere close to that.  That’s been true for most days that I’ve been on this trip.  My “Get on your bike and ride!” Diet laughs at


Reuben Sandwiches


Liver and Onions


Deep-Fried Shrimp and Onion Rings

Wheel full 70px It’s kind of scary.  I know it’s not sustainable.   But, while it lasts, what an incredible ride.