Weigh-in #13 – Can’t win ’em all

Wheel full 70px So yesterday was Monday and, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know what that means.


Wheel full 70px That says, for the hard of seeing, 318.4 pounds.  That’s up from 314.8 pounds last week, a gain of 3.6 pounds.

Wheel full 70px I noted the one other time that my weight did not decrease from Monday to Monday that I refuse to freak out over an occasional bump in the road, and especially a bump that can be accounted for by so many possible things.  I will say that I am pleased that my weight remains by all indications in the three-teens where it has been for three weigh-ins in a row.  So we’ll see where I’m at next week.  I still firmly believe I’m headed into two-nineties, and the only question is when I’ll get there.

2 thoughts on “Weigh-in #13 – Can’t win ’em all

  1. I’m not a doctor, so this is only opinion.

    Body-wise, lot’s of different things happening on this ride. Water loss and gain every day. Calorie intake and burning every day. Daily muscle usage is evaporating fat but building muscle. Metabolism gradually adjusting to daily exercise. All of it changing how the body is used to dealing with energy, water and nutrients. It’s all good. One of the most important things going on is pushing the respiratory and circulatory systems on a daily basis, something the human body evolved with but now has to deal with sitting at a desk all day. You’re getting your body back to nature, and riding through the countryside is getting your mind back to nature. This is great stuff. Have a blast.

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  2. Finally collected all your weight stats and plotted them up. Since your pre-weight weigh-in you weight loss trend overall has been pretty linear with some up and downs. Average mass loss rate is 0.44 lbs per day or 3.1 lbs per week. No signs of a decelerating trend yet, Just the normal variations above and below the trend line. 6/27 you were 357.2 and 9/27 318.4 so 12.9 lbs per month. Excellent job.

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