What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Wheel full 70px No, not really.  All the purposeful riding I’ve done this summer has been in August here in Nova Scotia.  The rest was prelude.

Wheel full 70px Here’s how RidewithGPS [linkie] sums up my August activity.


Wheel full 70px Not too shabby for a tourist, eh?  Or a flatlander.  The thirty thousand and change calories RwGPS says I’ve burned- an estimate based on an algorithm, I’m sure, but probably a pretty informed one- are from about zero exercise-related calories through the end of May of this year, and up from a handful- a couple of thousand a month- in June and July.  My elevation gain is more than if I had summited Mt. McKinley Denali from sea level, which of course everyone knows you can’t do on a bicycle.

Wheel full 70px On to September!  I’ll sum up the first two weeks of the ride tonight.