Monday, Monday…

Wheel full 70px But it’s Tuesday, you protest, and you’d be right.  As the part of Canada I  i’m riding through was closed for the holiday yesterday, or at least it seemed like it, I was not able to weigh myself in as  promised a couple of months back.  “Every Monday,” I said.   “Without fail,” I said.  Well, as it turns out what I should’ve said was, “Every Monday without fail except for Labor Day  holiday in Canada. Your mileage may vary. Offer void in North Dakota, the Territory of Guam, and elsewhere as prohibited by law.”


I don’t know why I put this pic here. It just seemed apropos. It comes courtesy of my great friend Dave Alexander, who runs an excellent blog mainly about free speech issues.

Wheel full 70px So I’ve got a line on a place to weigh myself today.   It’s a ways down the road, so I better get going.  A foggy day today.



Almost Timely Advice

Wheel full 70px I think I set a personal best speed record yesterday on one of the incredible steep hills I encountered.


Wheel full 70px That’s 400 pounds/~180 kg of bike, rider and loaded panniers in essentially what felt like free fall instead of a controlled descent at just a hair under 40 mph/65 kph for quite some distance.

Wheel full 70px Oddly enough, I spotted this article [linkie] when I stopped for the night.  Good advice, and pretty much how it all went for me.  I don’t want to do this very often, but it’s a memorable experience.