b2b Trip -Week #2

Wheel full 70px Yesterday, September 1st, I wrapped up the second week of the beach to beach trip when I rode into Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.   Yarmouth is the major city in the western part of the province, and from here I could catch if I wanted to a ferry to Portland, Maine.


Wheel full 70px But that’s not the plan. I’m going to continue to ride in Nova Scotia for another two days, traveling on to the port city of Digby (left side of the above map about halfway down) where I’ll catch the ferry across the Bay of Fundy to St. John, New Brunswick. From the there I turn left and it’s just a couple of days to the international border in the just a couple of days to the International Border in the State of Maine.

Wheel full 70px As Treebeard said, it’s all downhill from there.

Wheel full 70px So here’s the 215 miles/345 kilometers I rode during the last week.


Wheel full 70px The 30 to 40 mile days will end when I depart Nova Scotia. From there things will get much more businesslike as I plan to ride an average of 50 miles/80 km a day north of New York City and 60 miles/95 km a day south of there to Florida.  Right now if all goes as planned I will be arrive in Key West the first week of November.

Wheel full 70px I’m working on integrating the pictures I’ve been taking with a more detailed description of each day’s ride from my notes. No promises, but they’ll be coming along your way at some point.