Damn the mosquitoes, full speed ahead

Wheel full 70px My friend OldRoadDog commented on my post about pine tree gum (which you can find here [linkie]) and hit a sore spot.  The comment read

Also, in Canada the mosquitoes hang out in the shaded tree areas. Pitch the tent 20 yards or more from the trees.


Wheel full 70px I hate mosquitoes.  A lot. A hatred based on intense familiarity at several points in time in my life.  So I started a response and realized that I was really writing a post.  So here it is- I wrote

I’ve had two nights with mosquitoes out of the whole trip. I’ve used a can of cheapoTarget 10% DEET spray to ward them off. It’s worked like a charm, but I’m well aware that I might come down with some DEET-induced cancer of the frammis gland when I’m 113.  And I don’t care.

Us old guys can do anything we want, pretty much. With a ~20 year life expectancy at this point I am not going to put up with getting bit by mosquitoes today in order to not use a product that has a miniscule change of hurting you if you use it regularly over a full lifetime. Sunburn is in the same category. I will finish this trip with parts of me baked pretty brown. Am I worried about skin cancer? Sure, in the abstract. Am I worried about it affecting me? Not a bit. Not one bit.

Wheel full 70px So there you have it. Sorry about the ranting… I do that sometimes. But, like they say, better out than in.

Bay of Fundy Ferry

Wheel full 70px I’ll be on the ferry across the Bay of Fundy this evening


Wheel full 70px Boarding is at 5:30. The crossing takes about two and three-quarters hours, so unfortunately I’ll be riding around St. John, New Brunswick tonight as it gets dark looking for a place to stay. But that’s an issue for later in the day; one thing at a time.

Wheel full 70px I’ll be a bit sad leaving Nova Scotia. At 64 years old in a few days I don’t know if I’ll ever make it back up here again. But you can’t do everything and I’ve been privileged to have done a lot.