Weigh-in #10 – Heading into the Unknown

Wheel full 70px Three hundred twenty one.  A little more than 50 pounds since May.  Back to where I was in the late 90s.




Wheel full 70px Sorry about doing this in three photos.  Next time I’ll just hand my phone to the nurse.  When you are on one of these beam scales it’s just hard to do the pic yourself.

Wheel full 70px So it does seem that last week’s weight of 332 was an anomaly- a bump in an overall smooth trend of weight loss that has remained consistent into a third month.  As I’ll post in a bit, I’m burning somewhere around 3,500 calories a day riding and I can’t eat enough to keep up.  That says I should lose weight and, by gosh, it appears that is what is happening.

Monday, Monday…

Wheel full 70px But it’s Tuesday, you protest, and you’d be right.  As the part of Canada I  i’m riding through was closed for the holiday yesterday, or at least it seemed like it, I was not able to weigh myself in as  promised a couple of months back.  “Every Monday,” I said.   “Without fail,” I said.  Well, as it turns out what I should’ve said was, “Every Monday without fail except for Labor Day  holiday in Canada. Your mileage may vary. Offer void in North Dakota, the Territory of Guam, and elsewhere as prohibited by law.”


I don’t know why I put this pic here. It just seemed apropos. It comes courtesy of my great friend Dave Alexander, who runs an excellent blog mainly about free speech issues.

Wheel full 70px So I’ve got a line on a place to weigh myself today.   It’s a ways down the road, so I better get going.  A foggy day today.



Weigh-in #9 – Back Up to 333

Wheel full 70px Well, it looks like the hot streak has ended.


Wheel full 70px My weight’s back up to 333 pounds/just over 150 kg, which is where it was two weeks ago.  I’m not freaking out, mind you.  It’s likely that there’s enough variation between scales where neither this week’s result nor last week’s was on the money.  I’m pretty much religiously counting caloric intake on MyFitnessPal [linkie] and, to the extent my expenditure of calories when I am riding as calculated by RidewithGPS [linkie] is even remotely accurate, I am still well below the net intake that would be required to maintain my weight at a particular point.  So I can deal with that, and I’m guessing that there’ll be a return next Monday to the glide path downward I’ve been on the past couple of months.  Or not.

Wheel full 70px We’ll see.

Wheel full 70px Oh, and of far more immediate concern… it’s pouring rain.


Weigh-in #8 – Three Two Six!

…and he seeketh for a scale, and he looketh and looketh, and lo, he findeth one…

Wheel full 70px I found a medical clinic in Chester, Nova Scotia about 15 minutes into my ride this morning. The kind lady at reception, when I said I was weighing once a week, stopped me there and said she’d show me where the scale was.

Wheel full 70px It was an older beam and sliding weight scale. When I was over 350, which was all of the last ten years plus, I couldn’t use these because they max out there.

Wheel full 70px Not today!


Wheel full 70px It was a little awkward.  I forgot my iPhone, which was charging at the Subway a few doors down, so had to use the Canon.  Trying to position the shot shook the scale and everything started bouncing up and down.  I couldn’t get an angle that included me.  But with everything settled down, I weighed 326 pounds/~148 kg.  Wow!

Wheel full 70px Next week should be interesting.

Weigh-In #7 – You’ve got to be kidding me…

Wheel full 70px Today’s weigh-in, the seventh since I started posting them each Monday, comes to you courtesy of Halifax, Nova Scotia’s QEII Health Sciences Center’s Kidney Dialysis Unit, which helpfully provided a scale when I showed up out of nowhere and asked for one.   It’s apparently used to weigh patients before and after dialysis treatments.   Beyond that I know nothing except that the staff on the unit and the helpful fellow in the emergency department who checked around to see who had a scale I could use are really some great people.

Wheel full 70px I had absolutely no idea after all the odd stuff I’ve eaten this previous week where my weight was going to wind up.   You could’ve tripped over my smile, then, when I saw what the scale had to say.


Wheel full 70px And that’s with my socks on!

Wheel full 70px I have now lost just about exactly 10% of my body weight since I started taking diet and exercise seriously in June of this year.   I don’t know where this is going to wind up, but if you had told me three months ago that I would weigh in the low 330s by mid-August I would’ve laughed  in your face. When I get home I’m not going to have a darn thing in my closet that will fit-  and that suits me just fine.

Day 0.1 – The Sambro Loop

Wheel full 70px I had a great ride today.  Thirty-five point six miles/57 km around roads that form a loop along the coast and back south of Halifax.  Here’s the ride on Strava.


Wheel full 70px Even with the onboard power my iPhone was running on fumes when I got back.

Wheel full 70px Note to self:  Do not forget the high capacity battery the next time.

Wheel full 70px I think, on a very hilly route like this one, the onboard power can only be relied upon to slow the rate of decline of my iPhone’s battery.  It does not produce power when the speed of the bike is less than 6 miles/10 km per hour.    I spent a lot of time today just creeping up hills, and there were a lot of those.


Wheel full 70px When I was looking at through hiking the Appalachian Trail, I learned that on an elevation profile like this the hills were called PUDS, for “Pointless Ups And Downs.”  Even though I reached speeds of 35 miles/55 km per hour on some of the downhills, gravity, the nemesis of every fat guy, kept me from gaining any sort of advantage on the next uphill grade.  In fact, I think that deserves a law which I’ll call for convenience Edgren’s law: For a fat guy on a bicycle, gravity trumps inertia every time.

Wheel full 70px But enough of that.  Per Strava, here’s the stats.


Wheel full 70px I’m not proud of the time.  In my defense, though, it was lightly raining about half the ride and the road was often wet and potentially slippery. I’m not doing this to present a safety hazard to myself or others. But, to be candid, that’s not really the reason I was going so slow. If I could’ve gone faster I would’ve, but I just don’t have my road legs yet.  A couple of the hills were grades of over 10%, and I was happy just to make it to the top in any gear at any speed.   But others should’ve been easy and weren’t.  I know this will get better with time, but it’s frustrating.

Wheel full 70px On the positive side, 1,920 calories burned!  That ought to help the  weigh-in tomorrow.   I just wasn’t very hungry today, and so food consisted of a 300 gram/a little more than a quarter of a pound block of medium cheddar cheese and a pepperoni stick, washed down with two 20 ounce/591 ml Gatorades over the course of the afternoon.  When I plugged the data in MyFitnessPal and hit the close out the day button, I was amused to see this.


Wheel full 70px Well, I guess I can dream.

Wheel full 70px I texted with Heather right after I returned and she wanted me to do the blood pressure, pulse, O2 sat and blood sugar measurements I had promised I would take regularly before I left.  You might recall that all my BP and diabetes meds have been stopped by the various docs.  Here’s what we learned.

Blood Pressure


O Sat


Blood Sugar


Wheel full 70px What can I say? These numbers aren’t flukes. They are entirely consistent with what I’ve been getting since I got my dietary habits under control and began a regular program of exercise. My O sats are the one thing I can’t do much about in the short run because it will take a good while for regular deep breathing to recondition my flabby lungs and chest muscles. But I believe I can do these things, along with riding my bike a very long way, along with being in some of my favorite places in the world as I ride along. As I’ve noted, I’ve never successfully focused on my health as a volitional act. I’ve found out that I can and the results to date are very encouraging.

Wheel full 70px Another Haifax city ride tomorrow with my fingers crossed that my meds will arrive, probably including a stop at a bike shop for a look over before the bike and I hit the road. I’ll also need to find a place to do the Monday weigh-in. I’ll post the couple of photos I took on the Sambro Loop ride later today.

David Edgren

Weigh-in #6

Wheel full 70px This confirms two things for me.


Wheel full 70px First, there is now no question in my mind that my weight, after ten years in the 360s, is solidly in the 340s.

Wheel full 70px Second, cutting calories alone won’t result in weight loss for me.  There has to be an exercise component.

Weigh-In #5 – It must have been the pizza

Wheel full 70px Well, sometimes you just can’t win.  After eating a 1,500 calorie a day low-carb, no fat, no salt, no fun diet in the hospital for much of four days this past week, I gained weight.


Wheel full 70px I’m up five pounds since last Monday.  I had on street clothes this time while on the scale- a pound extra, maybe- but I’d really hoped to make it in to the 330s.  Maybe this scale, which was in the ER at Bayfront Hospital in Spring Hill, Florida, was off by a bit.  Maybe not.

Wheel full 70px But next week we’ll do it again, and see.

Weigh-in #4

Wheel full 70px The nice grandmotherly lady at the front desk of St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Jacksonville listened to me explain about my bike trip and that I needed to weigh myself every Monday and that I couldn’t find a doc-in-the-box and that the scale in the Publix Market only went to 300 pounds and that I… and she stopped me there, looked me up and down (I had on my helmet, cycling shirt and shorts) and said,

You don’t look like you weigh more than 300 pounds.”

Wheel full 70px I was ready to give her a big kiss right there on the spot.  Anyway, per SVMC’s ER scale:


Wheel full 70px Getting close to being 25 pounds gone from when I started really keeping track.  And so close to the 330s, too.  I’m ready to keep this up- who knows where we will make it to by the end of the ride?