Weigh-in #10 – Heading into the Unknown

Wheel full 70px Three hundred twenty one.  A little more than 50 pounds since May.  Back to where I was in the late 90s.




Wheel full 70px Sorry about doing this in three photos.  Next time I’ll just hand my phone to the nurse.  When you are on one of these beam scales it’s just hard to do the pic yourself.

Wheel full 70px So it does seem that last week’s weight of 332 was an anomaly- a bump in an overall smooth trend of weight loss that has remained consistent into a third month.  As I’ll post in a bit, I’m burning somewhere around 3,500 calories a day riding and I can’t eat enough to keep up.  That says I should lose weight and, by gosh, it appears that is what is happening.

2 thoughts on “Weigh-in #10 – Heading into the Unknown

  1. Nice. Keep trucking (pedaling).

    Post pics of landscapes, buildings, people, etc., as you go along. So we can see what you’re seeing.

    When I was doing road trips I’d keep a small summer sausage and chunks of French bread handy. Easy calorie reload when you don’t need to stop for very long but need some energy to keep going. And stopping at roadside fruit, veggie and food stands is a great way to experience local food things while passing through. Pics or it didn’t happen!

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