Back in the U.S. of A.

Wheel full 70px This morning I crossed the bridge back into the ‘States, leaving the land that gave us Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.  Of course it also gave us Bryan Adams, but I believe we gave him back.


Wheel full 70px RidewithGPS says I was that blue dot when I was on the border.


Crossing the line

Wheel full 70px My first stop is Lubec, Maine, for breakfast after last night’s yummy dinner of


“Full of meat
Fun to eat…”

Wheel full 70px Yep, good old Barfaroni.  Straight from the can.  Cold.  In the rain.  In the dark.  That, by the way, is 1,000 calories and about three days worth of recommended sodium.  But it was what I had for dinner.  Then I cleared off the cans and slept on my Thermarest on the top of the picnic table.  Deluxe…just dee-luxe.

Wheel full 70px But I made up for that at breakfast this morning at the Sunrise Cafe in Lubec.


1,339 wonderful calories according to MyFitnessPal – I’ve been running a deficit of one to two thousand calories a day.  Yesterday was over three thousand.  I just can’t make myself eat any more than I have been.

Wheel full 70px A double order of hash browns, three eggs and a home-made everything bagel with a schmear.

Wheel full 70px Good morning, State of Maine!


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