And Wow!! again

Wheel full 70px My friend Jean Aime Bigirimanawho goes by JaBig Chocophile on facebook [link] is on the Dempster Highway north of the Arctic Circle bicycling across Canada to the Arctic Ocean. I first posted about him here [link].


Wheel full 70px He has been on the road a little over a year and has ridden a single speed bicycle all the way from the Atlantic Coast in the Maritimes to the Pacific Coast in British Columbia then north up the Alaska Highway headed for Tuktoyaktuk, an Arctic Ocean coastal village in the Northwest Territories.  He has less than a week to go.  His facebook page is one of the most incredible accounts of a long-distance bicycle ride that I have ever seen.


Wheel full 70px Every so often something happens in the community of touring/endurance cyclists that just has one stopping to catch a breath.  I’m not talking about the incredibly sad events involving injury and sometimes death (the community suffered two tragic losses in the last 10 days when ultra-distance cyclist Mike Hall was killed in a competition being held in Australia [link] and then the legendary Steve Tilford died in an auto accident in Colorado [link])- those are terrible occurrences that just leave you shaking your head, and they seem to happen far too often.  Some things, though, just capture what inspires people to get on bicycles and ride, and ride, and ride.  The story of Montrealer Jean Aime Bigirimana, who goes by the name JaBig Chocophile on facebook [link], is one of those.


Wheel full 70px This guy is in the last weeks of a 14 month, 17,500 kilometer/11,000 mile plus ride from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean in Canada.  He is currently cycling between Whitehorse and Dawson in the Yukon on the Klondike Highway and will then head north on the Dempster Highway and then ultimately an ice road to Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories…

…wait for it…



…on a single speed bike!!

Wayne and Garth way no way 800px

Wheel full 70px For those of you who live in the balmy south- meaning anywhere south of Duluth, Minnesota- you have no idea what this guy is doing. Here’s the weather right now in Dawson.

Dawson Weather 170407

That’s a balmy day for this time of year up here. And it was still winter when JaBig rode up the Alaska Highway, something that can be a challenge in a car.

Wheel full 70px He’s riding Centuries (100 miles/160 kilometers in a day) on a regular basis.  And he’s had his bike stolen during the trip. And been charged by buffalo. He seems to be unstoppable. His facebook page is well worth an extended look – highly recommended.

Back in the U.S. of A.

Wheel full 70px This morning I crossed the bridge back into the ‘States, leaving the land that gave us Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.  Of course it also gave us Bryan Adams, but I believe we gave him back.


Wheel full 70px RidewithGPS says I was that blue dot when I was on the border.


Crossing the line

Wheel full 70px My first stop is Lubec, Maine, for breakfast after last night’s yummy dinner of


“Full of meat
Fun to eat…”

Wheel full 70px Yep, good old Barfaroni.  Straight from the can.  Cold.  In the rain.  In the dark.  That, by the way, is 1,000 calories and about three days worth of recommended sodium.  But it was what I had for dinner.  Then I cleared off the cans and slept on my Thermarest on the top of the picnic table.  Deluxe…just dee-luxe.

Wheel full 70px But I made up for that at breakfast this morning at the Sunrise Cafe in Lubec.


1,339 wonderful calories according to MyFitnessPal – I’ve been running a deficit of one to two thousand calories a day.  Yesterday was over three thousand.  I just can’t make myself eat any more than I have been.

Wheel full 70px A double order of hash browns, three eggs and a home-made everything bagel with a schmear.

Wheel full 70px Good morning, State of Maine!