Weigh-in #4

Wheel full 70px The nice grandmotherly lady at the front desk of St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Jacksonville listened to me explain about my bike trip and that I needed to weigh myself every Monday and that I couldn’t find a doc-in-the-box and that the scale in the Publix Market only went to 300 pounds and that I… and she stopped me there, looked me up and down (I had on my helmet, cycling shirt and shorts) and said,

You don’t look like you weigh more than 300 pounds.”

Wheel full 70px I was ready to give her a big kiss right there on the spot.  Anyway, per SVMC’s ER scale:


Wheel full 70px Getting close to being 25 pounds gone from when I started really keeping track.  And so close to the 330s, too.  I’m ready to keep this up- who knows where we will make it to by the end of the ride?



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