I can do this!

Wheel full 70pxI needed some stuff…


…thanks, George, for making me smile when I wrote that…

so I rode to my local Target store, which is about seven and a half miles away.


Wheel full 70pxI’m sitting in the store’s Starbuck’s now, replacing lost electrolytes by drinking a large coffee Frappucino.  I beat Google’s predicted time down here, and even stopped to take some pictures.

Wheel full 70pxI am going to need some soothing butt cream, that’s for sure.

Wheel full 70pxBut I’m alive and I feel GOOD.


Wheel full 70pxI’m doing something audacious.  Thanks for coming along on the ride.


Wheel full 70px  All I can think of is Adrian Cronauer [linkie].

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Wheel full 70px “Oh my God it’s hot!”

Wheel full 70px I’m eating lunch at a really nice sub place next to the apartment I’m staying at called Larry’s.  It’s in the Jacksonville neighborhood Five Points, which would really be a nice place to live if you just moved here from, say, Hell  and wanted to live in a place with the same kind of weather.

Wheel full 70px I ordered a Greek salad and my new special favorite beverage, ice water.


Wheel full 70px They give a really sweet 20% retired military discount.  I think Larry’s my kind of guy.