So far so good

Wheel full 70px Well, 1,435 air miles/2,300 kilometers down.


Wheel full 70px The flight to Orlando boards in about two hours.  It gets in at five in the morning tomorrow.  What are they doing, driving the plane there?

Wheel full 70px So, before I start addressing substantive stuff, I need to rant.  It is clear that the WordPress app and the iPhone 6 Plus hate each other.  Images are just about impossible to insert without causing huge consternation, the cursor jumps around randomly, saves are sometimes a roll of the dice, cutting and pasting  anything simply doesn’t work most of the time.  Those sorts of things.  I could go on, but I’ll bet you get the picture.  I’m looking at 10 or so weeks of this sort of frustration, but I’ll do that without complaint for you folks who are so kind as to read and even follow this blog.  Some issues are created by my slow progress up the learning curve, but others indicate to me that the app is seriously broken.

Wheel full 70px Anyway, rant off. I need to go and enter the contents of Alaska Airlines’ wretched “Tapas Box” into MyFitnessPal.

David Edgren