I can do this!

Wheel full 70pxI needed some stuff…


…thanks, George, for making me smile when I wrote that…

so I rode to my local Target store, which is about seven and a half miles away.


Wheel full 70pxI’m sitting in the store’s Starbuck’s now, replacing lost electrolytes by drinking a large coffee Frappucino.  I beat Google’s predicted time down here, and even stopped to take some pictures.

Wheel full 70pxI am going to need some soothing butt cream, that’s for sure.

Wheel full 70pxBut I’m alive and I feel GOOD.


Wheel full 70pxI’m doing something audacious.  Thanks for coming along on the ride.

6 thoughts on “I can do this!

    • Hey, Minemyown, hi. Looking forward to riding in reasonable amounts of rain. Thunderstorms, or any rain where there’s even a hint of lightning and I’m finding somewhere to go inside.

      Although I just realized that I forgot my parasol.

      Heather, I am happy. Especially when I think of you. Love you too.


    • For around town riding I’d go for comfort too, AJ. But on the road you really need a narrow hard saddle. Human buttocks and the pelvis are pretty adaptable. I have a “hot spot” after yesterday’s ride, but in a week or so I won’t think another thing of it.

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