And it is Pouring


Wheel full 70px That is water just coursing off my tent fly.  I have not felt the tiniest drop yet, so I am very impressed with my MSR Hubba Hubba tent.

Wheel full 70px I heard the first thunder from a ways off as I was getting things organized to pack.  I checked at the campground ranger station and, yes, severe storms were in the area and were expected to continue for the remainder of the afternoon.  I decided to stay over another night and resume my ride tomorrow morning.

Wheel full 70px So the rain is now coming down in sheets.  Thunder is booming.  Lightning is crackling.  And I’m warm and dry, and getting rested up a bit. Sounds like a win to me.


Weigh-in #9 – Back Up to 333

Wheel full 70px Well, it looks like the hot streak has ended.


Wheel full 70px My weight’s back up to 333 pounds/just over 150 kg, which is where it was two weeks ago.  I’m not freaking out, mind you.  It’s likely that there’s enough variation between scales where neither this week’s result nor last week’s was on the money.  I’m pretty much religiously counting caloric intake on MyFitnessPal [linkie] and, to the extent my expenditure of calories when I am riding as calculated by RidewithGPS [linkie] is even remotely accurate, I am still well below the net intake that would be required to maintain my weight at a particular point.  So I can deal with that, and I’m guessing that there’ll be a return next Monday to the glide path downward I’ve been on the past couple of months.  Or not.

Wheel full 70px We’ll see.

Wheel full 70px Oh, and of far more immediate concern… it’s pouring rain.