And “pet friendly,” too!

Wheel full 70px One of the more challenging tasks I face each morning before taking off on the bike for the day is trying to find lodging that falls close to the number of miles I project I will travel that day.  I start by looking for campgrounds because they are generally the lowest cost alternative, and if I can’t find one then I start looking at motels. Sometimes I have to adjust the mileage to allow for a longer day in order to reach lodging in a place where choices are few and far between.

Wheel full 70px This morning my Allstays campground finder app showed a campground right on the route I will be traveling and perfectly located at 55 miles/90 km from where I am right now.  There was nothing else for miles going forward past it.  “Perfect!” I thought, and clicked on the “more info” tab.


Wheel full 70px Somehow, even after the Purgatory Club in Provincetown, I don’t think so.  I’m proud of my newly slimmed down physique…but not that proud.


Wheel full 70px Today’s ride will take me from Richmond Hill, South Carolina to some budget motel along I-95 near Brunswick, where I will spend the night wondering about the joys of camping in the buff.  Sounds like a good way to OD on DEET to me.  Just sayin’.


And it is Pouring


Wheel full 70px That is water just coursing off my tent fly.  I have not felt the tiniest drop yet, so I am very impressed with my MSR Hubba Hubba tent.

Wheel full 70px I heard the first thunder from a ways off as I was getting things organized to pack.  I checked at the campground ranger station and, yes, severe storms were in the area and were expected to continue for the remainder of the afternoon.  I decided to stay over another night and resume my ride tomorrow morning.

Wheel full 70px So the rain is now coming down in sheets.  Thunder is booming.  Lightning is crackling.  And I’m warm and dry, and getting rested up a bit. Sounds like a win to me.


The Camper’s Friend – NOT

Wheel full 70px Ahh, the delightful sights, sounds and smells of a tent site among the pines in the North Country.  The lush green boughs, the wind rustling through the needles, the plip-plip-plip of wonderfully aromatic pine gum dripping onto  your barely used MSR Hubba Hubba tent all night…



Wheel full 70px Hey, wait a minute!  What’s this “plip-plip-plip” stuff?  Well…


The Enemy

Wheel full 70px This pine gum is stickier than Crazy Glue and has a particular affinity for ripstop nylon.  I used about half of my first aid kit alcohol swabs this morning cleaning the tent, which would have otherwise glued itself to itself in a small red nylon mass had I simply packed it up.

Wheel full 70px Next time I am at a campground in the piney woods I will find the site in an adjacent meadow.  I can go sit under the trees any time I want.

Wheel full 70px Lesson learned.

In which law enforcement gives me a hand

Wheel full 70px So here’s the story on last night.

Wheel full 70px As the campground I was headed to turned out to be closed down, I was without accommodations when I arrived at the little town I had set as my goal for day two of this ride. There were no other accommodations available without another 25 miles of riding. I wound up at about 7:00 p.m. in a convenience store where pretty much everyone wanted to be helpful (but nobody appeared to want a tent in their own front yard or else didn’t live in town). Finally about nine in the evening after several hours of nothing panning out I called the sheriff’s department, which sent over an officer who looked me and the packed bike over, said “you’re legit,” and accompanied me to a city park where he indicated that I could put my tent anywhere I would like. So, in the dark, I took my tent out for the very first time and fumbled my way through setting it up.


Wheel full 70px Not bad, eh?

Wheel full 70px So today I am going to take it very easy, planning to do 33 miles to Newberry, Florida.  There is a small mom ‘n pop motel there in the center of town.


Wheel full 70px It’s very hot.  We’ll see how this goes.