It’s Deja Vu All Over Again


Wheel full 70px So, damn it.  Here we go again.

Wheel full 70px If you’ve been following along with this blog, you’ll know that I was admitted to the hospital the weekend before I left for Florida.  That admission was kind of a mess.   My blood pressure had fallen really low and that led to the discovery that my BP meds were probably at a dosage that was no longer needed, in that exercise and tightly controlled diet were doing the job pretty much on their own.

Wheel full 70px The problem with low blood pressure, at least for me at this point, is that it leads pretty quickly to my kidneys starting to shut down due to dehydration.  That process was reversed during the three days I was in the hospital through IV hydration, and we thought we had addressed the problem by cutting in half the dosage of one of my BP meds.

Wheel full 70px But not so fast.

Wheel full 70px Wednesday of this week was a really great day for me, ride-wise.  I met both of my goals- ten miles an hour and forty miles total for the day.  My legs were strong at the end of the day.  Even though it was very hot- near 100 degrees- I felt good throughout the ride.  I’ve described elsewhere the glitch as far as not having a place to stay when I arrived in Lake Butler, but that wasn’t really a big deal.

Wheel full 70px So on Thursday everything seemed to be going OK.  I did notice that I seemed to be moving along somewhat slowly as I packed up for the day’s ride, but  I chalked that up to my first night camping instead of sleeping in a bed.

Wheel full 70px As soon as I got on the bike, though, it was apparent that something was up.  I felt weak and wobbly from the first push on the pedals.  My immediate inclination was to stop and get something to eat, as I had not been hungry before I went to bed the previous evening.


Wheel full 70px There was a handy pizza stand right next to where I had camped, so I had the nice Pizza Maiden make me one, which I then sat outside and ate.


Wheel full 70px One pizza later I got back on the bike.  After riding about a mile, I called a halt.  I didn’t feel steady on the bike (even with all that pizza weighing me down) and I was worried about being at risk on the busy road on which I was traveling.  I stopped, leaned my bike up against a sign, and sat down on one of those above-ground utility cabinets.  Nice folks brought me out some cool water from a nearby apartment building.  When I couldn’t pull it together after sitting for a while the local rescue squad was called and I was off to the North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville.


Wheel full 70px And, as I said back at the beginning, it’s deja vu all over again.  My blood pressure is low.  I’m dehydrated (despite drinking enough Gatorade on Wednesday to float a battleship).  My kidneys are crying “uncle!”  I’m back tethered to an IV pole.

Wheel full 70px The recommendations this time around go even further than last time.  Stop both the Azor (which had already been reduced by half) and the Bystolic altogether.  Wait at least two weeks before resuming my trip.  Oh, and find somewhere other than Florida to resume it in.  Antarctica, I guess.

Wheel full 70px So I’m really pretty down at this point.  I have already hugely modified the trip from what I had originally planned.  I now need to ask my wife and her mom to do without me for another two weeks.  Relocating the start of the trip to somewhere meaningfully more temperate will cost at least $500 and probably more in airfare and bike teardown/shipment/reassembly.  And I have only packed one pair of non-bicycling underwear.

Wheel full 70px Well, OK.  The last one may verge into whining.  But I guess it’s either that, or cause my kidneys to fail, or just fly home.  At what point does audacity turn to folly?  I guess I’m about to find out.


In which law enforcement gives me a hand

Wheel full 70px So here’s the story on last night.

Wheel full 70px As the campground I was headed to turned out to be closed down, I was without accommodations when I arrived at the little town I had set as my goal for day two of this ride. There were no other accommodations available without another 25 miles of riding. I wound up at about 7:00 p.m. in a convenience store where pretty much everyone wanted to be helpful (but nobody appeared to want a tent in their own front yard or else didn’t live in town). Finally about nine in the evening after several hours of nothing panning out I called the sheriff’s department, which sent over an officer who looked me and the packed bike over, said “you’re legit,” and accompanied me to a city park where he indicated that I could put my tent anywhere I would like. So, in the dark, I took my tent out for the very first time and fumbled my way through setting it up.


Wheel full 70px Not bad, eh?

Wheel full 70px So today I am going to take it very easy, planning to do 33 miles to Newberry, Florida.  There is a small mom ‘n pop motel there in the center of town.


Wheel full 70px It’s very hot.  We’ll see how this goes.