Weigh-in #12 – Pictures speak louder than words


Wheel full 70px It’s a Tuesday Monday again, sorry.  In the rain and fog that descended late yesterday afternoon I didn’t quite make it in to the Waldo County Hospital in Belfast, Maine, where I had planned to weigh myself for the 12th time this trip.

Wheel full 70px But I made it this morning, gave my little spiel to the nice ER triage lady, and before you could say Obamacare I was on a scale.  Goggling at the result.  Gawping even.

Wheel full 70px Holy Mackerel, mama!  That’s down five pounds/2.25 kg from last week and so far into uncharted territory for me that… Well, I just have no idea.  “Diet and exercise, David.  Diet and exercise.”  All my docs and my dietitian told me that over and over for the past 15 years.  Why should I be surprised when the answer turns out to be- diet and exercise.


Wheel full 70px I am stoked!  Three hundred plus pound me, prepare to say goodbye.  Forever.

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