Local Treats

Wheel full 70px I was a mile from the campground I planned to stay at last night and it was late in the day, but I couldn’t ride by this place without stopping.


Wheel full 70px It will get a post of its own down the road a bit, but I wanted to show you two of the local delicacies I enjoyed at my picnic table about an hour later.

Wheel full 70px I have a weakness for pickled beets.  Not many other people do, so more for me!


Wheel full 70px These were particularly wonderful.  They worked maple syrup into the recipe somehow.  Yes, yes.  I did eat the entire jar.


Wheel full 70px And I washed it down with blueberry root beer.  I figured if I was being bad, I might as well go all the way.  Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Local Treats

  1. Maine Root sodas are fantastic. Along with the blueberry, I highly recommend their “Mexi-Cane Cola.”

    Best of all, they’re distributed all down the Eastern Seaboard, if not nationally.

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    • Hi Ann and Fran- I can’t tell you how much the conversations I have had with random folks along my route have enriched my experience. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me.


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