Halfway down Florida

Wheel full 70px Yesterday along the coast north of the town of Stuart I passed the halfway point between the state’s northern border with Georgia and my destination: Key West.


After tonight’s stay in the Palm Beach area, the remaining destinations are

Sunday, Nov 6 – Fort Lauderdale
Monday, Nov 7 – Cutler Bay
Tuesday, Nov 8 – Key Largo
Wednesday, Nov 9 – Marathon/Bahia Honda
Thursday, Nov 10 – Key West

Wheel full 70px The weather appears to be holding in my favor for the last 300 miles/500 kilometers of the ride.


Wheel full 70px The rain predictions for today and tomorrow are for brief periods of drizzle- the same as have been in the forecast every couple of days for the past few weeks but have never materialized.  My weather app says it is supposed to be drizzling right now, but I guess it is hard to see in all that sunshine that’s currently outside my window.


“Flamingo Sky”


Updated Itinerary

Wheel full 70px As promised, I’ve updated the projected dates I will be at various places along my route in the way to Key West based on my taking more time in Maine.

Portland 9/24
Boston 9/28
Newport 10/3
New London 10/5
NYC 10/9
Cape May 10/13
Virginia Beach 10/17
Ocracoke 10/21
Myrtle Beach 10/25
Charleston 10/27
Savannah 10/30
Daytona Beach 11/3
Miami 11/8
Key West 11/10

Wheel full 70px This is about as final as it gets, as I have promised Heather I will be on my way back to Alaska by the end of the second week of November.

Wheel full 70px I will be contacting all the folks who have expressed an interest in getting together as I pass through over the next few days to discuss more specific arrangements.


Foggy day

A Tentative Itinerary

Wheel full 70px I’m far enough into the trip at this point where I can project with some degree of confidence an itinerary for the rest of the ride.   As I have friends all up and down the East Coast and some of you have shown an interest in getting together as I ride through, the following dates are what I project at this point as being the ones on which I will pass through the city or area noted.

Portland 9/19
Boston 9/23
Newport 9/28
New London 9/30
NYC 10/4
Cape May 10/8
Virginia Beach 10/12
Ocracoke 10/16
Myrtle Beach 10/20
Charleston 10/22
Savannah 10/25
Daytona Beach 10/29
Miami 11/3
Key West 11/5

Wheel full 70px I’m going to try to stick to the schedule as closely as possible, but on the other hand you never know what might come up along the way. I’ll plan to update the list every week or so between now and the end of the trip.

Wheel full 70px If you are interested in getting together as I pass through on my way down the coast, please let me know in the comments or email me at info@b2bbiketrip.com.  I’m always up for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever.


Jonesport, Maine