Updated Itinerary

Wheel full 70px As promised, I’ve updated the projected dates I will be at various places along my route in the way to Key West based on my taking more time in Maine.

Portland 9/24
Boston 9/28
Newport 10/3
New London 10/5
NYC 10/9
Cape May 10/13
Virginia Beach 10/17
Ocracoke 10/21
Myrtle Beach 10/25
Charleston 10/27
Savannah 10/30
Daytona Beach 11/3
Miami 11/8
Key West 11/10

Wheel full 70px This is about as final as it gets, as I have promised Heather I will be on my way back to Alaska by the end of the second week of November.

Wheel full 70px I will be contacting all the folks who have expressed an interest in getting together as I pass through over the next few days to discuss more specific arrangements.


Foggy day

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