Another Old Buoy

Wheel full 70px I took a great loop ride into Lockeport on an unloaded bike today on my day “off.”  Took lots of really nice photos of the interesting things I saw.


Wheel full 70px Some are even in color!  I just couldn’t pass this up, though.  I’m going to grill a piece of meat I bought at the store today and heat some beans, but I’ll be back later with scenery as opposed to art.  Sigh…

I’m in Macclenny, Florida


Wheel full 70px Bet nobody else reading this can say that.

Wheel full 70px Random thoughts and observations:

  • Flat is nice, but if you never climb a hill you never get to coast down.
  • The ratio of bicycle-friendly drivers to -ssholes here appears to be about 100 or so to one.  And yes, the -ssholes all appear to be driving pickup trucks.
  • I’ve not seen a single bit of roadkill.  What does Skink [linkie] eat?

Wheel full 70px Gotta go- the road is waiting.