Good Luck?

I’m always gratified but then again a bit mystified when friends leave comments on Facebook or send them to me directly that say, in essence, “Good luck!”

Riding a bicycle a very long way successfully, at the end of the day, has very little to do with luck, good, bad or otherwise. Oh sure, it’s always great when that car that came out of nowhere from behind doesn’t clip me, or when that squirrelly slide through a wide mud puddle doesn’t result in the bike going over. That’s good luck, I guess. But there are way more important things that contribute to success. Here’s a few I thought of as I rode along today:

Comprehensive prior planning; Solid equipment and gear; knowledge of basic bike maintenance; a reasonably stocked tool bag; accurate assessment of one’s own fitness and stamina; knowing your limits; the ability to persevere; staying hydrated; supportive family and/or friends; and keeping your eye on the goal.

Oh, and I almost forgot…


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