Ten Thousand Miles

Some time tomorrow a little less than halfway through the 30 miles/50 kilometers I have planned for the day the odometer that would be on my 2016 Surly Disc Trucker if it had one will roll past 9,999.9 miles/16,000 kilometers.

Fortunately I have Ride with GPS to keep track of things like this for me. I am really diligent about logging all my rides and don’t remember ever missing one, so the numbers above are pretty accurate.

The thing that I personally find almost uncomprehendable is that all those miles will have been put on the clock in the last two years. That’s not since the start of 2016, mind you. We are talking two trips around the sun- 730 days.

I don’t have the exact number right at hand but I’m pretty confident that, if I did, north of 80% of those miles would have been put on the bike doing fully loaded touring. It’s also pretty staggering to me to realize that the 10,000 miles will have been accrued during only 272 rides: an average of 36.76 miles/59.2 kilometers apiece.

Was the guy who did that really me?

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