To-Do List 0.2

Wheel full 70pxThe second cut at the to-do list, now in better order.  These remain items that involve accomplishing something between now and July 25th.  As before, the ones followed by a question mark are things I need to research/make decisions about. Your input on these is particularly appreciated.

Green are doneRed are urgent need to do.

Physical Health

  • Dietitian – UPDATE: Appointment 6/21/16
  • Endocrinologist – UPDATE: On wait list
  • Dentist
  • GP
    • heatstroke?
    • salt tablets?
    • chafing
    • muscle pains
    • numbness
  • Meds
    • ADDED: Refills?
  • Sunblock
  • First aid kit
  • Personal care items

Bicycle clothing, outerwear and shoes

  • Bicycling shoes
  • Socks and underwear
  • Pants and shorts
  • Shirts
  • Outerwear
  • Rain gear
  • Gloves

Other clothing

  • Street clothes, ADDED: underwear and socks
  • Street shoes

Camping gear

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • ADDED: Ground pad
  • ADDED: Small flashlight

Other gear

  • Goggles
  • Helmet
    • Helmet mirror


  • RidewithGPS
    • Finalize routing
    • ID bike shops along route
    • ID lodging/campgrounds along route
    • ADDED: ID bike organizations/clubs along route
      • ADDED: Contact and provide routing info and tentative dates in area/request feedback  DO ASAP
    • Cue sheets
      • Print and laminate ADDED: ? Note: Are these necessary?- duplicates cue sheets on iPhone

Travel to JAX and final pre-ride

  • ID JAX bicycle shop UPDATE: Done- Zen Cog
    • Arrange assembly of bike in JAX
  • Air travel ANC to Florida UPDATE: On 7/22/16 to JAX
    • ADDED: Make reservation DO ASAP
  • Ground travel airport/lodging to Zen Cog
  • Pre-ride lodging/camping in JAX

Tool kit and spare parts

  • tire bars
  • inflation gauge
  • patch kit
  • hex wrenches
  • spoke wrench
  • Quicklink
  • Chain lube
  • Extra tubes (part of bike purchase)
  • Extra tire (part of bike purchase)
  • Extra spokes (part of bike purchase)
  • spoke nipples

Misc Accessories

  • ADDED: iPhone Quadlock case on hand
  • Quadlock cardio monitor ADDED: Ordered/received


  • Handlebar bag camera UPDATE: Canon “M” Series w/ lenses on hand
  • ADDED: Flexible tripod
  • ADDED: iPhone Quadlock case tripod connector on hand
  • ADDED: iPhone remote shutter release on hand
  • iPhone card upload cable UPDATE: On hand

Handlebar stuff

  • Handlebar bag (part of bike purchase)
  • iPhone Quadlock stem/handlebar mount ADDED: Ordered/received
  • ADDED: Bar ends (part of bike purchase)
  • Handlebar tape
  • iPhone card upload cable UPDATE: On hand

Frame stuff

  • Frame mount pump
  • Water bottle(s) (part of bike purchase)

Bike protection

  • Lock(s)
  • ADDED: Security cable

“Should I?”

  • Camelback?
  • Strava?
  • Solar panel?
  • Bounce box?
  • AAA?
  • Handlebar speaker?
  • GoPro?


  • Spreadsheet


  • Upgrade data plan ADDED: for iPhone


Wheel full 70pxThis is the first effort to organize this list. The next iteration will take into account comments and suggestions made thus far.  As before, if you see anything I am missing or an item you want to give me input on or about, please comment below.

One thought on “To-Do List 0.2

  1. Think about removing items from the list that you can buy along the way if actually needed, such as tires. No use dragging along “just in case” weight, when you can just buy it if you actually need it.

    Also, develop a list of bike maintenance items to check when you pull in each night. Nothing big, just all the normal stuff. You’d be surprised how often some of the simple stuff that is taken for granted comes out to bite you in the middle of a ride.


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