2 thoughts on “A Surly Long Haul Trucker

  1. Nice. Couple of things…

    How about a trunk on the rack? Personally, it’s the first item I put on when hitting the road. Easy to dig around in for stuff you just access on the road.

    The water bottle under the frame looks kind of funky. I’ve never seen that, but if people do it then so be it. I would wonder about it getting coated with mud, road scum, etc. I usually have the two bottles on the frame, then refill as the chances pops up. Keeps weight down. On a foreseeable long, hot run, I’ll put one or two quart bottles (gatorade bottles) in the trunk.

    A long time ago I tried camelbacks, but they’re actually kind of a pain in the ass – filling, positioning, hoses, cleaning. Bottles are easy. It’s just water, doesn’t need to be complicated.

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    • Hi Old Road Dog! I almost didn’t buy front panniers- I’m hoping ultralite and compact camping equipment will greatly reduce the volume of what I’m hauling along. I plan to bring the lightest of sleeping bags for the southern part of the ride. I can always pick up something heavier along the way. I’m not eating anything I have to prepare in a pot or heat. If I want that kind of food I’ll head for an eatery along the road. I’ll carry two changes of biking clothes, one change of street clothes, a pair of lightweight running shoes, some miscellaneous outwear, a couple of miscellaneous items (digital camera, tiny flexible tripod, chargeable USB batteries, and the like), basic tools and parts, a patch kit, two extra tubes, a few spokes and a spare tire, personal care stuff, and the usual assortment of other stuff you think you need on a trip like this but rarely do. I’d like to think all that will fit in the panniers and front bags, but you never know. My handlebar bag is monstrous- I didn’t expect that.

      If I have one bone to pick with the folks at Bike Gallery, it’s the third water bottle. That’s off of there before I ship the bike out. I didn’t ask for it and don’t want it. I hope they take it back.

      My wife Heather and I used a Camelback (I was the camel) when we rode our Burley tandem the length of the Oregon coast in the late 90s. I don’t recall it being a hassle or uncomfortable. I still have it, although it probably need a new water bladder and maybe a hose. That’s on the “Should I?” list. I’ll look at it keeping your thoughts in mind when I get back to Alaska.


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