Well, excuuuuuse me…

Wheel full 70pxI make a mistake every so often- once a year maybe?  I’m guessing, but…

…I’ve definitely been wrong about my bike.


Wheel full 70pxFor weeks I’ve been telling everyone that I have a Surly Long-Haul Trucker.  Well, as Ron Ziegler used to say, “That statement is inoperative.”  I don’t have a Surly Long-Haul Trucker.

Wheel full 70pxIt was the paint that tipped me off.  That, and the fact that my bike is clearly labeled “Disc Trucker” on the top tube.

Apparently a Surly Disc Trucker [linkie] is a Surly Long-Haul Trucker set up uniquely for the installation of disc brakes.  So I have a Surly Disc Trucker.

Who knew?

Three Grand? Oh Well…

Wheel full 70pxI now have the detailed price quote for the Surly Long Haul Trucker kitted out for the ride prepared by Darrin at Bike Gallery.  Here it is.

Bike quote p1 800px

Bike quote p2 800px

So that’s how you turn a $500 frameset into a $3,000+ road bike.  Note that there are front and rear racks and panniers and a handlebar bag included in that amount.  Also included is a Shimano dynamo hub and converter for generating onboard power, among a couple of other add-ons.  I’ve been assured the components chosen meet my “bulletproof” standard.  Now that I know about what my biggest item of expense will be, I will begin developing a budget for the overall trip.

Wheel full 70pxI’d like any comments that any of you who are road bike savvy and can read the item descriptions in the quote might have.  Please note that I have deliberately chosen flat instead of drop handlebars and am sticking with a classic road (i.e. hard) seat despite what I’ll suffer early on in the ride.  Call it penance for gaining all that weight since the 90s, eh?

Wheel full 70pxAgain, your recommendations, criticism, applause, whatever are urgently requested and will be very much appreciated  I’ll meet with Darrin on Thursday or Friday to confirm the order, so I need to be ready with any changes I would be persuaded to make.  Thanks in advance.

David Edgren

Some Progress…

Wheel full 70pxWell, OK. It’s been almost a full month since my first post in this blog, and everyone who has seen it is probably wondering what I’ve been up to. I’m pleased to be able to tell you that things have been moving forward, although not as quickly or as smoothly as I would have liked. Time has been spent on a couple of false starts identifying a bike to ride for the trip but, as l’ll describe in further detail below, I think we are finally on top of that critical piece. I have also spent a lot of time refining the planned route on Ride with GPS, mainly in getting it into a form where I can talk specifics with local bike clubs and knowledgeable people in advance of setting out. So here’s where we’re at as of today.

Wheel full 70pxAfter doing quite a bit of research on the web and as a result of being in touch with a couple of bike builders, I have decided that the best bike available for this trip is a Surly Long Haul Trucker outfitted with disc brakes and a number of other components intended to bulletproof it as much as possible. Just about everyone I have talked with has recommended the Surly after I have described the trip as a bike that can be worked on almost anywhere and which has the quality and durability that I will need.

Wheel full 70pxSo on Friday of last week I made the hour drive to Portland to the “Bike Gallery” bicycle shop location on Sandy Boulevard.

I spoke with a very helpful and knowledgeable sales person named Darrin for about an hour concerning my plans for the trip and the way that I thought I needed the bike built and outfitted. Darrin is certainly far more knowledgeable about the current state of the art of bicycle components and gear than I am since my last long-distance ride was in the mid 90s and, as a result, he made several very helpful recommendations. I was surprised to find though, that I was still able to speak in “bike talk” and not feel like a complete fool. I am watching for a detailed part/component list and estimate that he was going to try to get to me today. Once I have it, I will post it for your comments. My hope is that I will be able to place a deposit on ordering the bike later this week. I am also hoping that we can keep the cost to under three grand, which would allow me to eat something other than roadkill along the ride.

Wheel full 70pxAs for route planning, I now have the entire route broken down into 50 mile/80 km segments.  There are 81 of these, with the entire route now coming in at just under 4,068 miles.  I stress that this is an “almost final” route, as I am hoping that there will be feedback that will allow me to further refine it as close as possible to perfection.  If you see a change that you think would be a good one, please don’t hesitate to recommend it.  Don’t be disappointed if you do propose a change and it takes me a while to get to it, as I plan to accumulate them and then relook the route all at once, probably some time in June.

Wheel full 70pxIt has at times seemed like I have been spending days (on a slow Internet connection… the horror, the horror) using Google’s satellite view to look for paved minor roads in states like Kansas and Idaho. Now that the segments are created, I can begin to detail them in Ride with GPS with information that will take my cue sheets beyond “straight ahead” or “slight left onto US 95.”  I figure that this will take me a couple of more weeks to complete.

Wheel full 70pxI’ll be writing much, much more about route planning in the near future.

Wheel full 70pxI’ve also begun a comprehensive list of “to-do’s.” This post has already run longer than I planned, so that will be the subject for the next one, coming up shortly.

David Edgren