A Flying Bike?

Wheel full 70pxNo, not quite.  But it reads like one of those “Brain Puzzler” problems:

You live in Alaska, your bicycle is in Portland Oregon, and you need it in Jacksonville, Florida by the start of next month so that it can be ready for a ride across the United States.  What do you do?

Wheel full 70pxWell, as far as I’m concerned you get on the web and go to BikeFlights [linkie].

BikeFlights Logo 348px

Wheel full 70pxIn about 30 minutes and for a very reasonable amount you’ll have it handled.  Of course, that length of time and the “reasonable amount” part doesn’t include coordination with two bike shops and the cost of disassembly and boxing at one end and reassembly at the other, but hey.  It is great to know that this part of prep is completely handled, and all I need to do is turn up at the Zencog store in Jacksonville [linkie]

ZenCog Store 800px

on July 19th with ID and off I go.

David Edgren

One thought on “A Flying Bike?

  1. Well…damn! I found your site because of my FGNOAB group, started reading posts, and saw this. Very useful – thank you! I’ve been looking for the best way to ship my bike back to IL from OR (hey, fellow Midwesterner! I grew up in Northbrook) for RAGBRAI, and this looks like it might be a good option. Thanks!

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