7 thoughts on “I’m being so bad today…

  1. I don’t see this as a huge problem for a guy cycling for a few hours a day. I’d probably rather go for a McDouble, or Chik-fil-a, or even a real meal that’s bigger but more balanced. To me personally, the most objectionable part is actually the soda, which I’m highly suspicious is loaded with spoonfuls upon spoonfuls of sugar. Anyway, I’d probably skip the fries and soda, and maybe even replace them with something else – I think a soft serve ice cream and a cup of water would be far preferable. Or, real food 🙂

    Either way, keep hydrated to counterbalance tasty salt in your diet. In general, salt probably isn’t particularly bad, and your intake may even need to be higher than it was before you were cycling, although the salts should include magnesium and potassium, and not just sodium. I’m concerned your rapid weight loss of the last couple weeks is mostly water. If you see a moderate bounceback in weight – especially a very rapid one that only takes a couple days – that’s not fat. It’s hydration.

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  2. I use Fizz or Nuun for electrolytes. Available at bike shops. Sweating on the road means you need salt and the other electrolytes. Eat what you crave. It’s the body putting in its request. I wear a Fitbit so I know how many calories I’m burning. Often 5-6 K on a long day even at 63. Eat protein and good food but a Big Mac is fine and if you get the meal have a real soda avoid the artificial sweeteners. They fool the body into thinking it had sugar and so insulin is release even though no sugar was drunk. This is why diet drinks are even worse for you than regular soda and why people don’t lose weight when drinking no Calories. Soda is bad but if your burning calories it is not the problem. High Frutrose is much worse than sugar. It is processed in the liver and stored as far before being converted to energy. Sugar is more directly motabolized.
    Enjoy the trip, keep your balance and have a Big Mac if you need but eat in Resturants for quality calories and especially protein.

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