The Ride – Take 2, Day 1

Wheel full 70px I’m going to take a nice easy day along the coast southeast of Halifax.


Wheel full 70px This is an extraordinarily scenic stretch and it looks like I’ll have perfect riding weather.


Wheel full 70px Right before I stop for the day I’ll cruise through Peggy’s Cove, which is the archetypical tiny Nova Scotia fishing village.


I should have ample time to look around.  Film at 11.

Wheel full 70px Oh, and…

Greetings from Nova Scotia

A great Halifax bike shop

Wheel full 70px I’d be seriously remiss if I departed Halifax on my trip without mentioning Bikes by Dave [linkie], a local bike shop that I stopped at on Monday to get the Surly checked over and to ask a couple of questions that I had.


Wheel full 70px When I called to set up a time to come in I was told that there was a several day wait for service but after I explained a little about my trip I was told to come on over, as they were always happy to make a little room on the schedule for someone on a long-distance tour.


Wheel full 70px When I arrived, Tom, the shop’s mechanic, quickly and efficiently went over the bike, addressed my questions and concerns, and made several helpful recommendations concerning my route down Nova Scotia’s southwest coast. It was obvious during the 30 minutes or so that I was there that, if anything, the info about being busy was an understatement. It was a busy shop, that’s for sure.



Wheel full 70px When the bike was ready Dave Marder, the owner, rang up what I thought was a very reasonable amount for the time Tom spent.  If I lived in Halifax, I know where I’d take my bike to get worked on.



Wheel full 70px You’ve  probably noticed that my posting here has been a little light the last couple of days. I was very up on Monday over the results of my weigh-in that day, but the failure to arrive of the meds I needed in order to be able to take off from Halifax really had begun to pull me back down.  I had begun to feel like August was completely slipping away,  and… enough of that.


Wheel full 70px In short, just before lunchtime some welcome newes finally showed up on the USPS tracking site.


Wheel full 70px An hour later, and the last obstacle to me and heading south was in my hand.


Wheel full 70px I could ask “Whose priority?” but that would be snarky and completely out of keeping with my celebratory mood.  I’ll post some info about tomorrow’s ride later on and then head for bed early, as I’m planning a 7:00 a.m. start.

Wheel full 70px I’m ready!