Another Roadside Attraction

AR 14 400px Two weeks from today!

Wheel full 70pxGary Schmidt and I will see amazing things every day of our ride- most of them places that would seem ordinary, day-to-day if you were just passing through or driving by.  On a bike, though, moving along at 10 miles/16 kilometers an hour through the open air, everything takes on a whole new feel.  The little waterfront towns, the lines of bluffs, the cotton fields stretching off to the horizon, the great North Woods, the ancient trees draped with Spanish moss… those and so many many more, all threaded together by the silver and brown flow of an ever widening river.

Wheel full 70pxBut along the way we’ll pass a number of places that hold out a special attraction.  Some because of beauty, some due to kitsch, some as the result of historic value or physical significance.  Whatever the reason, we don’t want to pass places like these by simply because we don’t know about them or are looking at something across the road as we pass by.  So we’ve made a list…

Source of the Mississippi (Lake Itasca, MN)
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Statue (Bemidji, MN)
Giant concrete Muskie Statue (Bena, MN)
St. Anthony’s Falls (Minneapolis, MN)
Capitol Building (St. Paul, MN)
Lake Pepin (Pepin, WI)
Effigy Mounds Nat’l Monument (Marquette, IA)
Cassville Ferry (Cassville, WI)
Indian Mounds State Historic Park (Albany, IL)
Rock Island Arsenal (Rock Island, IL)
Henderson County Covered Bridge (Oquawka, IL)
Nauvoo (Nauvoo, IL)
Mark Twain Boyhood Home (Hannibal, MO)
St. Charles-Golden Eagle Ferry (Golden Eagle, IL)
St. Charles-Grafton Ferry (Grafton, IL)
Elsah (Elsah, IL)
National Great Rivers Museum (Alton, IL)
Confluence Tower (Roxana, IL)
Confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers (Roxana, IL)
Lewis and Clark Historic Site (Roxana, IL)
Chain of Rocks Bridge (Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO)
Jefferson Nat’l Expansion Memorial/Gateway Arch (St. Louis, MO)
Eads Bridge (St. Louis, MO)
Ste. Genevieve (Ste. Genevieve, MO)
Kaskaskia Island (Kaskaskia, IL)
Popeye Statue (Chester, IL)
Cairo (Cairo, IL)
Ft. Massac/Confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers (Cairo, IL)
Ohio River Bridge (Cairo, IL)
Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site (Wickcliffe, KY)
Dorena-Hickman Ferry (Hickman, KY)
New Madrid Historical Museum (New Madrid, MO)
Mud Island (Memphis, TN)
Graceland (Memphis, TN)
Winterville Mounds (Greenville, MS)
Doe’s Eat Place (Greenville, MS)
Roy’s Store (Chatham, MS)
Vicksburg National Military Park (Vicksburg, MS)
Grand Gulf Military Park (Grand Gulf, MS)
Natchez National Historic Park (Natchez, MS)
Old State Capitol Building (Baton Rouge, LA)
Vieux Carre (New Orleans, LA)
Canal Street-Algiers Ferry (New Orleans, LA)
Algiers-Lower Chalmette Ferry (Chalmette, LA)
Pointe a la Hache Ferry (Pointe a la Hache, LA)
Fort Jackson (Boothville, LA)
The End of the Road (Venice, LA)

Wheel full 70pxWe may not stop at all these places.  But if that happens, it will happen because we made a choice not to do that.  We know we can’t do everything and that, when it comes down to it, pedaling our bikes is Job One.

Wheel full 70pxBut, because this is a once in a lifetime trip for each of us, we want to make sure that our list is complete before we get started.  Do you know of a special place along our route that we have missed?  Please let us know- and thanks in advance for doing that.


One thought on “Another Roadside Attraction

  1. Graceland is pretty amazing but the best thing we saw in Memphis is the National Museum of Civil Rights which is located in the old Lorraine Motel. It is an amazingly well done presentation and one of the best museums I have ever visited. Across the street from the Motel, in the boarding house from which James Earl Ray shot, is an exhibit dedicated to the conspiracy theories surrounding MLK’s death and the eventual capture of Ray. I highly recommend it.

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