Working, working…

MO 6 400px days to go!

Wheel full 70px Crazy busy today, so this is short.  I’ve been alternating getting back to close to 30 different overnight hosts, getting the last unconfirmed lodging nailed down, making state park reservations and getting my gear looked over, organized, inventoried and packed.  A couple of things fell into place- more about that over the next few days.

Wheel full 70px You folks down south- enjoy the eclipse!  We’ll have not near the show up here in Alaska, but that’s the luck of the draw.


One Year Ago Today…

Wheel full 70px I was spending the first night on the road of my 3,600 mile/5,800 kilometer solo bike ride down the Atlantic coast from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Key West, Florida.


Wheel full 70px That ride took 84 days.  Gary Schmidt and I will ride this year about two-thirds of that distance in just over half the number of days.  Of course, I spent the first full six weeks of the 2016 trip in full tourist mode, averaging only about 30 miles/50 kilometers a day.


Wheel full 70px You can read my partially completed journal of that ride (through the ferry across the Bay of Fundy at this point) at here [link].  I plan to write the journal of this year’s ride as I go along, so I promise I won’t get so far behind.