Oil Change

I had the Rohloff Speedhub I ride with installed on my Disc Trucker over the off-season last winter.

Rohloff Speedhub 800px

It has been an amazing addition to my bike.  Fourteen gears, evenly spaced, that give me just about all of the range of a derailleur-based drivetrain.  It’s silent, doesn’t require ongoing wonky little adjustments to keep the bike perfectly in gear, and I won’t be replacing a stretched chain every 2,000 miles/3,200 kilometers or so.  My chain seems to stay cleaner, too, but that might be an observation that is situational based on the type of riding I’ve been doing this spring and summer.

Rohloff on the Bike 999px

The one thing that you do have to do with a Rohloff that you don’t have to do with a derailleur-based drivetrain is change the oil.  Yep, just like in your automobile.  The Rohloff folks recommend doing this at a service interval of 5,000 kilometers/3,000 miles.  I was checking things over- a reasonable thing to do before setting out on a ride of almost 2,000 miles/3,200 kilometers- and I looked at my mileage for the year, which Ride with GPS keeps quite nicely as long as I keep feeding it rides.

RwGPS 190801 Stats Circled 600px

And there you go.  Just a few hundred miles short of the service interval for the first of what I’m sure will be many oil changes down the road.  Better get it done now.  It turns out my local bike shop doesn’t have the oil in stock, so this morning the Surly got a ride instead of being one

Surly on Yukon 999px

and I left it in the good hands of the folks at the Trek Store in Anchorage- an hour drive away.  They’ve promised it back to me by Friday night, which will leave me most of Saturday to tear it down and get it in the bag.

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