We Interrupt this Program…

You’ve probably noticed a lack of recent blog posts. No, I ate’nt dead, as Terry Pratchett’s Granny Weatherwax famously said. Once again the ridiculously cumbersome process of creating WordPress blog posts on a smartphone- an iPhone X, even- coupled with dodgy cell signal strength out in the boonies, has served to defeat my intention to blog as I go. Sorry about that.

So I’ve defaulted to facebooking as I go. It is not near as nice a solution as getting everything contemporaneously up on this blog, but it is keeping me in touch with the folks who are interested in what I’m doing. Here’s a [link] to my facebook page if you would like to do that.

For those who’d just like to know where I’m currently at, here you go.

I’ll fly home from Kansas City on October 2nd, so I have ten or so days to go. The trip has been epic- more than I could ever have hoped for.

And I will completely document the trip on this blog once I’m back in Alaska. That’s a promise.

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