Apocalypse averted, and in other news…

My bike is back on the radar screen.

It’s been a pretty tough couple of days, but Emily Litella gets it right.

I’m really glad I fell asleep last night halfway through writing the whiny, upset post I’d started about how All Hope Is Lost, etc.

I don’t know where my 2016 Surly Disc Trucker has been the last couple of days, and when I get to Seaside tomorrow and pick it up I don’t intend to ask it. I’m just going to take it over the Pacific Ocean, gingerly touch the rear tire to the water, pick up a pebble to throw in the Atlantic at the other end, hang my panniers and bags on it… and start riding.

That’s what Side2Side is about for me. The ride. Not the bumps.

6 thoughts on “Apocalypse averted, and in other news…

  1. Aww… c’mon I’ve watched Ice Road Truckers… they are always a moment from disaster… but some how the load always gets through!… I think Surley is a good name for your bike… gritty determination to get the job done no matter what the “scans” say… actually… you have overcome some pretty odd scans yourself over the years David… This is a good sign! Now get on that bike and ride!

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