Ocian in view! Oh, the joy!

I’m in Astoria with about 20 miles/32 kilometers to go to Gnat Creek Campground on the first day of Side2Side. I’m planning to write a “summing up the day” post every evening when I get in, so at worst I’ll be a day behind. But things are going well, with the expected number of minor glitches. The big one- don’t think you can just get your loaded bike out to the water across 100 yards/meters of soft sandy beach in 15 minutes or so.
I don’t know whether there’ll be wi-fi tonight, but we’ll see.

The Side2Side Route, explained

The entire route on Ride with GPS [link].

Starting today, June 23rd, from Seaside, Oregon on the Pacific Ocean I will ride north to Astoria, Oregon then east along the south side of the Columbia River through Portland, Oregon and up the Columbia River Gorge. We’ll cross into Washington state not far past The Dalles, Oregon and ride along the north bank of the Columbia, recrossing the river back into Oregon not far from Umatilla, Oregon.

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