Ocian in view! Oh, the joy!

I’m in Astoria with about 20 miles/32 kilometers to go to Gnat Creek Campground on the first day of Side2Side. I’m planning to write a “summing up the day” post every evening when I get in, so at worst I’ll be a day behind. But things are going well, with the expected number of minor glitches. The big one- don’t think you can just get your loaded bike out to the water across 100 yards/meters of soft sandy beach in 15 minutes or so.
I don’t know whether there’ll be wi-fi tonight, but we’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Ocian in view! Oh, the joy!

  1. Re: dipping wheel. When I rode from Boston to Seattle I had to take a wheel off the bike in order to dip it from a dock into the Atlantic.


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