It only hurts when I laugh…

From the BikeFlights website:

Just find my bike, Bill, and give it back to me. Delivered in Seaside, Oregon to the Prom Bike Shop. Today would be great, but tomorrow will have to work, I guess.

So I dreamed last night about my bike trip…


Well, dreamt about my bike trip at least as it stands right now. I talked with “Kent” this morning, who is apparently the lead lost bicycle finder at BikeFlights. He remained vague about anything specific, but seemed to be fairly confident that my bike would show up in Portland at some point. I made my situation abundantly clear to him.

Heh! Actually now it’s not that bad…

…and he has promised to stay in touch during the day. So what else can I do but assume it will all work out?

Keep your fingers crossed for me, folks- thanks!

6 thoughts on “It only hurts when I laugh…

  1. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!!! Look forward to hearing your bike arrived safely and that you didn’t have to wait too long for it to show up.

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