My card, again…

Long-time readers of the blog will know that I do a business card for each trip.

This might look like another small conceit, but actually it is a convenience and a timesaver. On my 2016 ride down the Atlantic Coast I figured out near the end of the trip that I had jotted out my name and blog address at least once a day- probably close to 100 times over the course of the whole thing. It was never a big deal to do this occasionally when I’d meet another rider, but every so often there’d be a couple of folks in a group and I’d have to scribble the info out several times in a row. From that point on I just had cards made and never looked back. I carry a small stock in my handlebar bag and the remainder, maybe 50 or so, in a small metal box in a pannier. I have Heather mail me more when supplies run low. No intent to plug anyone’s business here, but Vistaprint [link] does my printing and 500 nicely made cards run around ten bucks. The company also prints T-shirts from the logo on the card very reasonably, and I usually have two or three of these done as well.

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