A license plate…

Back to pure conceit here.

Alaska does not license bikes. This is a nicely made, screen printed on aluminum personalized plate made by Custom Plate Professionals [link] for just under ten bucks plus postage. The letters are not raised, but hey.

I’ve had these done for my last few trips and they provide, along with the safety flag I’ll show you in a bit, a nice way to have completely random people stop and chat with me about who I am and what I am up to. I have had folks regularly approach me in cafes, convenience stores and other stops along the way asking me if I really rode my bike all the way from Alaska. There’s more than a few photos out there on cell phones around the country taken by people who for some strange reason wanted one of “that guy from Alaska” standing next to his bike.

Today, in just a few hours I’ll be on the last leg of my journey to Seaside, Oregon and tomorrow’s start of Side2Side. Less than 24 hours to go!

3 thoughts on “A license plate…

  1. Well anyone who has played the license plate game in the US (yes I have and we even got Hawaii while in Tennessee, but I digress…) knows that Alaska is pretty darn rare, kinda up there with North Dakota!

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