Pre-ride Weigh In #1

Wheel full 70pxIt would be early evening on the east coast.  So I’ll stick with 3 pm on Mondays while I’m here in Alaska.


Wheel full 70pxThat’s 357.2 for those of you who can’t read upside-down.  I’m unclothed and the last food I ate was several hours ago. We duplicated the result within 2/10 of a pound in two subsequent weighings.

Wheel full 70pxI’m a little worried about my ability to find places along the ride to weigh while naked. I may need to figure out a way to work around that. I’d hate to frighten the horses.

David Edgren

2 thoughts on “Pre-ride Weigh In #1

  1. According to Body Weight Planner at USDA to reach a goal of 350 lbs in 30 days (assuming you are using your scale and not the body fat scale) you need to eat 3233 cal per day, which is not too bad a diet. When I do the check for myself it indicated I should eat 2400 cal per day to do 1 lb per week mass loss, at 2000 to 2200 cal per day I have been able to achieve that, so the real number of calories might be a bit lower than 3200.

    I would make sure to learn and memorize the signs of heat stroke. Your first week or so in the deep south even on level ground and in the morning is going to be brutal.

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    • Big ditto on watching out for heat stroke.

      It’s surprisingly easy to force yourself to ride through a tough stretch, then overlook the signs that you need to pull over for 30 or 60 minutes to let the body catch up with your mental determination. Been there, done that, then the expensive medical crew showed up when alarmed bystanders called 911. Very embarrassing.

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