Have a Heart, Day 1

Wheel full 70pxI did the resting part of my cardio stress test today.


Wheel full 70pxThe doc injected me with a gamma radiation emitter, sent me away for an hour, and then rolled me into this donut  after hooking me up to a couple of ECG leads.  I then had to lie perfectly still for 12 minutes while modern medicine worked it’s technological magic.


Wheel full 70pxCompletely painless and pretty boring. The machine produces a bunch of pictures that look like this.


Wheel full 70px I can tell that I was not cut out to be someone who would interpret cardio stress test photos.   Supposedly the machine puts a whole bunch of these together and build a 3-D image of the heart and provides a lot of data about what it is doing.

Wheel full 70pxSo we’ll see. Part two of the test, the part involving me and a treadmill (ugh!), is coming up tomorrow morning.



One thought on “Have a Heart, Day 1

  1. They did mine in one day, resting scan then post treadmill scan. My scan took a lot longer than 12 minutes, and my arms started to really ache before it was done.

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