My SAG Team

Wheel full 70px While this is a solo bike trip, in that I’ll be riding alone and do not have a support vehicle traveling with me, I do have a SAG (support and gear) crew helping me along the road from home in Alaska about 5,000 miles/8,000 km away.


Wheel full 70px My wife Heather and her mom Frankie are there for me every day over the phone and by text and email with words of encouragement, advice and news from Alaska.  They are taking care of the things at home that I can’t while I’m gone and are there when I need things mailed to me, like refills of meds, along the way.  Frankie came all the way up from her home in Tennessee to stay with Heather and do this with her.

Wheel full 70px Heather and Frankie make the best support crew I could ask for and I know I owe each a great deal for their willingness to be a big part of my b2b trip.

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