How do I…

…find a place on my bike to put my Quad-Lock [linkie] iPhone mount when there is no regular tubular surface on the handlebars or stem?


Wheel full 70px I plan to use my iPhone 6 Plus as a cycling computer during my ride.  To this and I have bought one of those nifty Quad-Lock cases which allows the phone to be securely mounted to a corresponding Quad-Lock handlebar mount.   You just simply position the phone over the mount 45° from the up-and-down or sideways position, press, and twist it into place.   There is a locking system on the mount that makes it virtually impossible for the phone to come off during a ride.  It is the best handlebar mounting system for a smart phone that I have seen, and I think I looked at most of them.

Wheel full 70px So after thinking about it for a while I went out and bought a piece of 1 inch PVC pipe, which I trimmed to about 6 inches long. I attached the Quad-Lock mount to it with two zip ties.  Then I drilled two sets of holes on the other side of the pipe from the mount the corresponded to the spacing of the supports for my Ortlieb handlebar bag.  I inserted two more zip ties into the holes,  leaving me with this.


Wheel full 70px Attaching those zip ties to the handlebar bag supports fixed my new Quad-Lock mount bar quite securely.


Wheel full 70px So now I have an iPhone dashboard for my bike!


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