Some maps with more detail

Wheel full 70px So, Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Key West, Florida.  About 3,600 miles/5,750 kilometers, but that’s because the route I’ve planned hugs the coastline to the greatest extent possible.  It’s actually a couple of hundred miles shorter because of a couple of ferry rides.


Wheel full 70px Here’s the RidewithGPS link:

Wheel full 70px The POIs on the RwGPS map are notional overnights.  They are 50 miles/80 kilometers apart north and east of New York City and 60 miles/95 kilometers apart south of there.   The reason for that dichotomy is because south of NYC the coast is basically flat as a parking lot. I’ve stuck with my “ride six days a week” plan from before, although that has never been set in stone.  If I depart Halifax this coming Saturday, the 13th, and all goes well I should make it to Key West by or before the 30th of October.

Wheel full 70px Here’s some larger scale RwGPS maps that will give you a quick idea of the route.


Halifax, NS to Acadia NP, ME


Acadia NP, ME to Boston, MA


Boston, MA to New York City, NY


New York City, NY to Ocean City, MD


Ocean City, MD to Nags Head, NC


Nags Head, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC


Myrtle Beach, SC to Brunswick, GA


Brunswick, GA to Cape Canaveral, FL


Cape Canaveral, FL to Miami, FL


Miami, FL to Key West, FL

Wheel full 70px I’ll post some specific thoughts and observations about each of these segments over the next few days.

One thought on “Some maps with more detail

  1. Your leg through CT goes within a half mile of my house. I should warn you that CT drivers seem to have universally lost their minds this year. Given how often it’s happened to me this year, I can only assume that there is a new law on the books that allows one to turn left on red and make rude gestures at the drivers who have had to slam on their brakes even though they have the green if they have the temerity to honk their horns.

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