An afternoon’s work

Wheel full 70px From box to bike


in only six hours.  Heh, just noticed the seat’s way too low.

Wheel full 70px Tomorrow I’ll go for a shakedown ride around Halifax without loading it up.  It looks like there’s some interesting things to see here.

5 thoughts on “An afternoon’s work

  1. Just don’t wear your Trump T shirt on the ride through New York. Outside of this I hope your keeping a journal. Readers Digest gobbles things up like this. I got to hand it to you, you’re handling all this in a positive fashion. If it were me I would have said screw it. The stress would have killed me and I be in the looney bin. I’m better suited for roaming the desert in Arizona with a camera in my hand. This is happening Dave, I’m excited for you. You get in a jam I’m 12 hours away.

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