A Couple of Admin Notes

Wheel full 70pxAs I work on the C&O Canal Towpath Itinerary post a couple of things came to mind.

    • If you want to contact me directly concerning anything you see here please feel free to email me at info@b2bbiketrip.com. When I’m on the road I generally check the mail at least once every other day and I try to get back to folks as quick as time and connectivity allow.


    • If you are commenting here for the first time, please don’t be alarmed when the comment does not appear right away. I go through the WordPress approval process for every new person who comments, not because I want to pick and choose among what folks have to say, but because if I didn’t you’d be seeing all sorts of spam. I don’t know how the “Try just this one simple trick” people find blogs like this, but they do- sigh. Usually your comment will appear over the next 24 hours- I get an email when something new is posted so that is pretty much what drives the train there. If your comment doesn’t show up within that time frame, please send me an email per the above. I love to hear from folks- thanks for following along and letting me hear from you.


Wheel full 70pxSo thanks for bearing with me as I get things going here again. I plan to do my absolute best to update the blog on a more or less contemporaneous basis during this fall’s trip. Thanks for coming along for the ride.